A Updated Risk Analysis on Iran Buyback Contract
(1391/12/4) - بيع متفابل

Key Words: Iran Buyback Contract, Deficiency, Risks


Buyback contract plays a key role in attracting foreign investment for Iran oil and gas
industry since its inception in 1990s. The “5-certain factors” feature has been the
intrinsic contract framework of Iran buyback contract. Although minor improvements
have been made to buyback contract, the development of Iran buyback contract
deteriorates to a fatal situation. There has been limited study on buyback contract
risks, and such theoretical risks analysis understood from text of buyback contract is
too general to reflect real practical risks existing during buyback contract history. In
this paper, deficiencies and practical risks hindering contractor’s performance and
generating tremendous loss are discussed within the framework of buyback contract.
The key features are reviewed and deficiencies embedded in buyback contract and
practical implications are discussed. It is concluded that international sanctions are
not the key reason for stagnant situation of buyback contract, the deficiencies
embedded in buyback contract and lack of counter-risk measures lead to failure of
buyback contract. It is predicted that in the foreseeable near future, buyback will still
survive in Iran oil and gas industry; however, improvements to eliminate deficiencies
illustrated in this paper have to be made; otherwise, either foreign contractors
obligated will fail as their predecessors or the buyback contract will expel all foreign
investment eventually.
Key Words: Iran Buyback Contract, Deficiency, Risks



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