An Assessment of Public Private Partnerships Opportunities in Irans Energy Sector
(2/22/2013) - Iran Energy Economics paper

Davood Manzoor,* and Sima Siami Namin*

Keyword: Public-Private Partnership (;PPP);; Infrastructure, Government & Private



Economic development depends on various factors such as implementation of
infrastructure projects. Despite the well-documented and obvious connections
between infrastructure and economic expansion (GDP), governments
operating on razor-thin budgets, especially in countries experiencing rapid
population growth and urbanization, may not be equipped to make the
necessary investments. In fact, funding infrastructure projects is a cardinal
challenge facing governments, and one approach to address this challenge is
to facilitate the increase of private provision through Public-Private
Partnerships (PPP). In this regard, governments use collaboration tools in
order to expand public sector activities, improve the quality of public goods
and services, and increasing competitiveness, integrate business
management skills and implement policies, and use the private sector’s
knowledge in order to optimum the benefits gained from public sector assets.
Policymakers are finding that, when coupled with the right sets of policies and
institutional environments, PPP can also become catalysts for economic
development. Many government organizations are also tapping the private
sector for capital, technology, and expertise to finance, develop, and manage
major economic infrastructure projects for the public sector.
This paper investigates the use of PPP schemes in Iran's energy sector based
on an initial discussion of theoretical approaches. A number of general issues
and concerns related to PPP are also discussed. It is suggested that a clear
regulatory framework can be useful for mapping the potential and challenges
for both private and public partners. Such a framework can be used to feed
into game theoretical models of pros and cons for PPP projects. Most PPP
are still very young, and the evidence on performance and broader
governance issues is only just emerging. The preparation of this assessment
is an integral part of the 5th FYDP process to ensure coordination between the
government’s priorities and private sector, especially as regards Vision
strategy 2025 and the PPP operational plan.
Keyword: Public-Private Partnership (PPP); Infrastructure, Government & Private



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