A Comparison Study of Two Processes for Production of Hydrogen by Solar Energy
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First National Conference Clean Energy

15 April 2013

Keywords: Hydrogen, Solar, Gasification.


Hydrogen is a sustainable fuel and is regarded as one of the promising potential solutions for the current local and global problems regarding energy and the environment. Currently hydrogen production through advanced technologies using fossils. The development of the methods of hydrogen production based on renewable energy sources takes place as much as possible without releasing the green house gas. Solar energy is potentially the most abundant renewable energy resource available to us, and hydrogen production from solar energy is considered to be the ultimate solution for sustainable energy. In this paper two process for production hydrogen is compared, (i) hydrogen production from water splitting thermochemical cycles and (ii) Hydrogen production by biomass gasification in supercritical water using concentrated solar energy, according to the figures and conditions of processes, second process operates in better condition and is more industrial way to produce hydrogen.
Keywords: Hydrogen, Solar, Gasification.



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