Enabling the Iranian Gas Export Options
(3/4/2014) - English Energy books

The Destiny of Iranian Energy Relations in a Tripolar Struggle over Energy Security and Geopolitics

Kuhn, Maximilian

2014, XX, 379 p. 40 illus.


Maximilian Kuhn investigates one of the most pressing, yet neglected subjects in the field of global energy politics: the integration of the Iranian gas market. Possessing the world’s second-largest proven natural gas reserves, Iran is a hypothetical energy giant-in-waiting. Yet over three decades of internal divisions, coupled with crippling international sanctions, have left Iran unable to capitalize on its vast energy potential. Increasing global demand for natural gas and a government in constant need of finding new sources of revenue to meet the needs of a fast-growing population should lead Iran to eventually become a large-scale gas exporter. How this could take place and what the implications for global gas markets would be are the central research questions tackled by this study. The study allows a look beyond international politics, Iranian political decision-making, investment laws, and pipeline games.



· Evolution of the global natural gas market

· Iran’s political system, institutions, and power structure

· Iran’s energy policy and energy decision making

· Iran’s contractual and legal framework for foreign investments

· International relations


Target Groups

· Lecturers, students and practitioners of political science, economics, law
with a focus on energy

· Executives and consultants from the energy sector, as well as public authorities


The Author

Maximilian Kuhn is Chief Editor at the European Center for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), King’s College London and Lecturer at HULT International Business School, London (UK).

Content Level » Research

Related subjects »Politikwissenschaft

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