Analysis of energy consumption in Algeria between 1998-2008
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Keyword: Energy consumption, Fuel type, Activity sector, Environment


Abstract: This paper analyses the total final energy consumption (TFC), for Industry, transport and agriculture sectors in Algeria during 1998-2008 decade, the total final energy by activity sector, and fuel type. The total energy intensity evolution and impact of energy consumption in Algeria on the environment. The total final energy consumption (TFC) in 2007 reached 20 million TOE , for a 34.4 million inhabitants with 2 393 367 square km, and with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) equal to 9 389.70 million DA (Algerian Dinars). The consumption per capita, in Algeria is 1,058.0 Kilograms of oil equivalent (kgOE) per person, while for Morocco, which nearly the same number of inhabitants is 458 (kgOE) and in Tunisia is 843 (kgOE). The total gas emission is equal to 46 millions of tonnes of CO2 with an average of 3 TECO2/TOE. The GDP is equal to 3 232.2 million of DA. Detailed information on different industrial sector, and different transport means sector, as well as agriculture sector, are discussed.
The final energy intensity in Algeria has stabilized around $ 0.53 TOE/1000 between the years 2000 and 2003. It has been improved by 2% between 2003 and 2007, passing 0.41 TOE /1000$, which indicates an elasticity of about 1.23.This performance is due to an optimization of the rate of capacity utilization (TUC) of the production system. The energy intensity reflects the degree of dependence of an economy with respect to the energy factor. The higher is the energy intensity, the more vulnerable is the economy to the fluctuations in energy cost. Energy intensity is also a relevant indicator according to the obligations taken in the Protocol of Kyoto. Emissions of greenhouse gases due to the final energy consumption reached 46 million TCO2.
Keyword: Energy consumption, Fuel type, Activity sector, Environment



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