An Investigation on U-Factor in External Wall for Energy Efficiency
(10/13/2014) - Others energy economics

Keywords: External Wall, Thermal Resistance, Thermal Transmittance, Thermal Insulation, Energy Thrift



One of the most effective ways of energy waste in a building is the wall based on the studies, and this is due to high thermal transmittance (U value). When the thermal resistance (R value) of the wall increases, the U value decreases. Thus, less heat will be wasted through the walls. Using an appropriate thermal insulation is one of the most efficient ways of increasing the thermal resistance of the wall, and decreasing the energy consumption [1]. The aim of this study is to recognize the most appropriate type of external wall with poly-styrene thermal insulation; and comparing it with an external wall without thermal insulation regarding the energy consumption thrift in the buildings. Polystyrene is a type of thermal insulation which is used differently in the walls. This research is seeking the answer of the core question that which of the most frequent types of the walls with thermal insulation are effective in optimizing the energy consumption. Methodologies of this research are comparison and Problem Solving. The techniques of data collection are: interview, questionnaire, observation and evaluation of the data both quantitatively via calculation using the software, and qualitatively by interpretation of the information. In this research, thermal resistance and thermal transmittance of the walls with polystyrene thermal insulation was firstly calculated. Then, their effect on the energy consumption thrift was compared. Eventually, the most appropriate type was suggested. Next, thermal resistance and U value of the external wall -without thermal insulation- of an apartment unit in Tekant Cyprus was compared with the suggested wall; and, the effect of thermal insulation on the external wall of energy thrift of the building was evaluated. The case unit is located in southern part of an apartment in Famagusta in Northern Cyprus.
Keywords: External Wall, Thermal Resistance, Thermal Transmittance, Thermal Insulation, Energy Thrift


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