Best Practice Methodologies for Risk Management on Oil and Gas Field Development Projects
(10/13/2014) - gas issues

Keywords: Risk Management, Oil and Gas, Quantitative Risk Analysis




In the initial stage of this research, we study characteristics of the high risk bearing industry, risks peculiar to the industry, the industry’s corporate and project risk management systems as well as a set of strategies of typical major oil companies under a hypothesis that companies’ risk attitudes are influenced by such strategy set. In the next stage, we configured, based on literature research, companies’ methodologies of project selection based on quantitative risk analysis as the core of oil and gas companies’ business decision-making objectives. In the third stage, we have identified methods to respond to such risks in the industry, and in the end, we have proposed oil and gas company’s risk governance structure and eleven best practices of risk management in the industry that we recommend.
Keywords: Risk Management, Oil and Gas, Quantitative Risk Analysis



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