Energy Diplomacy in Indo-Iranian Relations and Challenges Ahead
(10/13/2014) - Iran Energy Economics paper

Keyword: Energy, diplomacy and oil.





India-Iran shares deep historical, cultural and civilizational relationship. With geo-economics becoming a dominant feature, complementarities of interest in the energy sector could develop as a strategic area of future relationship between the two as natural partners. Currently, Iran is on a slipping spot as crude oil supplier to India, while Iran-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline assumes a special significance with growing energy demands, notwithstanding the role of USA. India could indeed act as a bridge between Tehran and Washington. The Energy Diplomacy could also poses a profound challenge of shading out economic partition of the subcontinent by bringing in the imperatives of economic stakes amongst nations, where Iran has a role to play. The paper will checkmate on the role of energy diplomacy, not only on Indo-Iranian relations but, also on the mutual vitality of Chahbahar port in the realm of regional and global dynamics.
Keyword: Energy, diplomacy and oil.



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