Criteria Selection in Assessment of Bioenergy Options
(12/3/2014) - Others Energy Environment Free

Keywords: Biomass, Bioenergy, Conversion Chains, Criteria, Assessment.






The production and use of bioenergy have potential roles in mitigating climate change, promoting energy security and fostering economic and social development. Various types of biomass are used for the production of bioenergy options through many sorts and sizes of economic operations. The characteristics of bioenergy production therefore are very heterogeneous and their processes depend heavily on several factors such as geographic location, climatic conditions, level of development, technological issues, etc. Most studies merely take sustainability criteria into account. A more complete multi-criteria analysis is recommended by the rational decision-making in energy supply system options, planning, management and economy, however. The development and selection of criteria require broadly-based parameters related to reliability, appropriateness, practicality and especially limitations of measurement, which are hardly considered in sustainability criteria for biomass in Iran. Simply put, most sustainability criteria in ISO 13065 are impractical in our country owing to a lack of information and the ratings would be attained merely based on the subjective judgment of biomass stakeholders through questionnaires. This study is aimed at contributing to the former objectives in Iran by providing a consistent framework to select criteria beside the sustainability pillars and enable stakeholders to assess and compare bioenergy conversion chains especially in order of investment priority.

Keywords: Biomass, Bioenergy, Conversion Chains, Criteria, Assessment.


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