The New Energy Paradigm – High Renewable Energy Penetration Requires Flexible Load
(12/3/2014) - Others Renwable Energy-Free

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Flexible Load Shape, Energy Management.





Ambitious energy and climate targets for the upcoming decades necessitate rigorous structural changes of the energy system. High emphasis will be placed on renewable energy sources and dispersed energy generation. Simultaneously, energy efficiency along with energy management and planning are strongly required. Often it is forgotten that electricity currently only accounts for around one third of a countries energy requirements. The remaining energy is used for other purposes such as heating and transportation. Yet, most energy vectors are dominated by fossil fuel sources which highly contribute to the current GHG-emission levels. In order to prevent the predicted two degree increase in temperature an immediate change of the energy system is inevitable.
Elaborations on the alterations towards a new energy paradigm are undertaken. It will be analyzed how energy prerequisites can be covered from electricity based on renewables. In addition, evaluations of the energy saving and shifting potential have been conducted so that a flexible load shape can be obtained.
Keywords: Renewable Energy, Flexible Load Shape, Energy Management


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