Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit

Agenda (3 Days)




Presentation: Examining if Production Sharing Contracts are going to be more attractive to the major international oil investors in comparisonto the previous and existing ones


Presentation: Analysing the new energy strategy the latest Government decided to follow in order to enhance dynamic development in thecountry


Presentation: Reviewing the current legal framework and how it can be reformed to enable further investment


Presentation: Discussing how to upgrade current HSE conditions in Iran Current and future HSE needs of the country as production levels rise


Presentation: Developing the refining sector in Iran to allow the country to become self-sufficient and a pioneer in exports• Capacity and technology


Presentation: An overview of the downstream sector: Can it outperform the profitability of upstream?


Presentation: Identifying and discussing existing pipelines that serve national and international import needs and assessing upcoming orproposed projects


Presentation: Reviewing the history of exploration and production of hydrocarbons in order to understand the potential and benefit of futureE&P activities in Iran


Presentation: Identifying the technology needed in Iran in order to strengthen exploration and production activities

Presentation: How traditional Iranian oil and gas importers have been influenced by the sanctions


Presentation: An analysis of the current global oil economy; the impact on Iran’s production, exports, international relations and economy


Presentation: The influential role of Iran in the Middle East


Presentation: Khuff Formation: An important gas reservoir in the Persian Gulf


Presentation: Discussing the Diagenetic Trap ,and the new potential in Mishrif Formation, The Diagentic trap (stratigraphic type) recentlydiscovered in many areas especially in the Persian Gulf


Presentation: The role of International and service oil companies to increase recovery factors of Iranian naturally fractured oil reservoirs


Presentation: Reservoir management of most common oil and gas fields by applying the new production and injection wells


Presentation: Explaining the New High technology of seismic exploration needed in the Persian Gulf to fortify the exploration and developmentof common fields , with neighboring countries


Presentation: Discussing the impact of full development of South Pars on Iran’s economy





A detailed look on the Iranian Petroleum Regulatory Framework

-Petroleum Law of Iran

-Environmental Law and HSE Applications in Iran

-Gas E&P regulatory framework for local and joint ventures in border areas

-Fiscal Regime for E&P activities

-Cross boundary fields regulation and border areas awards

-Joint Ventures and cooperation acts




Protecting foreign investment in Iran

-Laws relating to the promotion and the protection of foreign investment

-Fiscal regime around energy activities

-Other requirements for foreign investment

-Stability of investment

Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit

23-25 JUNE 2014 | Conrad Dubai Hotel



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