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Market behavior of OPEC countries: An Application of Panel data Models
3rd International Workshop on

Empirical Methods in Energy

Economics (;EMEE2010)

Surrey Energy Economics Centre (;SEEC)

University of Surrey, UK

24th – 25th June 2010

Mozhgan Alaeifar, Mehdi Farsi, Massimo Filippini

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Risk Aversion and OPEC An alternative model for OPEC
KEYWORDS: Risk, Venezuela, Oil Supply, OPEC

CLASSIFICATION: C700 Game Theory and Bargaining Theory: General Q410 Energy: Demand and Supply Q480 Energy: Government Policy

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OPEC Quotas The Illusion of Oil Market Control and the Risk of a Price Fall

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An Empirical Dynamic Model of OPEC and NON OPEC
JEL Classification: L10, L71, N50

Keywords: world petroleum market, nonrenewable resource extraction, Hotelling, OPEC

First draft: April 29, 2007

This draft: June 11, 2007

other (
OPEC Strategies and Oil Rent in a Climate Conscious World
The Energy Journal Article from 2009, Volume 30, Number 3

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Market behavior of OPEC countries - An Application of Panel data Models
31st IAEE International Energy Conference: Oil Production and Geopolitics, June 18-20, 2008

Mozhgan Alaeifar, Mehdi Farsi, Massimo Filippini


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