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 Effective Global Consulting Group (EGCG)

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The Financial Department, headed by Alireza Emami(CGA). He would be very happy to provide you all mentioned services in Great Vancouver.


The EGCG offers a full range of accounting services for businesses and organizations including S Corporations, C Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, Nonprofits organizations and Trusts and Estates. We're dedicated to helping our clients improve the quality of their financial reporting. We deal with the form and content of financial statements and provide guidance on financial accounting matters. The basis for any set of accounts is the general day-to-day book-keeping. TM Accounting Services Limited provides a full day-to-day service using details of incomings and outgoings, by way of purchases, receipts and bank statements.

 Here are some of the tasks we can help you with:

  • Business registration and new company set up
  •  Complete bookkeeping from opening the mail to writing cheques
  • Managing payables, receivables and account reconciliations 
  • Full Payroll services including remittances, T4s, ROEs and working with third party payroll providers
  • Internal financial reporting & review, year-end preparation and liaison with external auditors 
  • Computerized accounting system selection, set-up and training
  • Business planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Personal and corporate tax preparation

Effective Global Consulting Group provides a complete range of tax services. Through planning, we help our clients meet their objectives with the most favourable tax results possible under current tax laws.  

  • E-Filing
  • Personal Taxes
  • Student Tax Promotion
  • Senior Tax promotion
  • Double –check challenge
  • Capital Gain Tax
  • Audit Assistance/CRA Correspondence
  • Filing Out of Country
  • U.S. Citizens in Canada
  • Small Businesses
  • Corporate Tax Services


 Home  Accounting    Energy Economics    Contact us   سايت فارسي