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Iranian oil, gas, and petrochemical industries are practicing the commercialization process. They are going to open the market for foreign and domestic competitors. Golden opportunities in the light of new law of foreign investment waiting for those company whom looking for ideal investment area for their dexterous hands. The Shaygan Energy Economics Consulting (SEEC )as an Iranian based consulting group relied on its expertise has the mission of providing reliable data and studies for who would like to enter in Iran's markets.A wide range of expertise among the people of SEEC covering energy economics, modeling, legislation, Natural Gas, Oil, LNG, LPG, Pricing, Cost-Benefit analysis and etc. have provided synergies to be the best consulting group. SEEC is welcoming you to offer you the best advises and studies in the context of energy. 

  • Collecting and processing data on energy and economic variables at the aggregate level and by different economic sectors at affordable price
  • Preparing report on the latest regulation in energy sectors
  • Providing information on the base of request
  • Model construction on energy economics and economics issues
  • Providing the Persian energy and economics regulations in English
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Business plan
  • Tax consultation



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