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Land of print

At land of print we are proud to say that all of our work is done so that you, the customer, receive the best quality and most professional service possible. We have a full service, well-trained staff to help you with all of your printing needs. We will provide you with all of the options available so that you can produce an excellent looking piece and at the same time maintain your budget.

The Land of Print would like to be your print solutions provider by making your experience with us as easy as possible. We offer a wide variety of services so that we can take your job from start to finish and you, our customer, have to exert as little energy as possible. Please feel free to call us today at (604) 736-2200 so that The Print Shop can serve your business printing needs


Business Cards

Single Sided Business Cards                                               

Quantity     Color     B&W                                      

   100              $ 19.99            $ 15.99                                         

   250              $ 29.99            $ 25.99

   500              $ 39.99            $ 29.99

   1000            $ 49.99            $ 39.99

   2000            $ 79.99            $ 59.99 


Double Sided Business Cards

Quantity           Color               B&W

    100             $ 29.99           $ 23.99

    250             $ 39.99           $ 29.99

    500             $ 49.99           $ 39.99

    1000           $ 69.99           $ 49.99

    2000           $ 109.99         $ 79.99

You have option to choose any kind of paper 

When you're handing out a business card to a new contact, it's more than just a peice of paper.  It's the  first impression they 'll take of you and your business.  This imeans you need to get it right. 

Our prices include graphic design for our new client.  If you are also our old client we will redesign your business card free of charge.


Never send a plain envelope again!

There are many great reasons to print your own envelopes:

•Save time addressing high-volume mailings, such as baby announcements, wedding invitations, holiday cards, and marketing materials.

•Personalize, customize, and add your own creative flair to stationery, invitations, and other correspondence.

•Professionally represent yourself or your business.

100 standard envelope full color printing only $39.99



4x6 Single Sided Post Cards


Quantity           Color               B&W


    100              $ 25.99            $ 19.99

    250              $ 35.99            $ 25.99

    500              $ 49.99            $ 35.99


Postcards are the most affordable and effective direct mailing tool available. People are more likely to read a printed postcard than open an envelope with an unsolicited letter in it. Postcards can be used to generate leads, close sales, and make announcements or to keep in touch. Start your next successful mailing campaign now with's professional online postcard printing.

 We have the knowledge and latest equipment for postcard printing at some of the best prices and quality in the industry. Let us prove to you our outstanding postcard printing quality and timely delivery with your satisfaction guaranteed

For further information kindly contact us  


Brochure printing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for generating awareness and reaching new customers. Land of Print makes it easy, affordable and fast to order your brochures online now.



Brochure Printing Options :

Sizes: 8.5 x 11; 8.5 x 14; 11 x 17

Half Fold, Tri Fold & Z Fold

Full Color; 1 or 2 Sided


Prices for brochure in 8.5x11, tri-folded, and 2 sided:


100              $36.00

250              $90.00

500            $149.00

1000         $ 269.00


Large printing format

For maximum exposure, think big. Advertise your business with the use of any large format print and enjoy excellent value for the quality and price.


Other applications include:


•Backlit signs

•Billboards, banners and signs for exterior use

•CAD printing

•Display stands, frames and accessories

•Signage and posters for retail/ fashion boutiques

•Corporate presentations

•Legal presentations and graphics


•Medical Posters

•Posters for events, announcements, etc.

•Posters with Lenticular Imaging special effects

•Real estate development and construction

•Textiles and fashion design

•Tradeshow graphics

•Vehicle graphics

•Wallpaper - custom wall coverings

•Architectural perspectives

•Frames, stands and accessories for displaying posters

•Complete mounting and laminating service on a wide choice of rigid and flexible materials.



Booklet printing is especially important and popular in the fashion industry. Designer labels and other clothing companies rely on booklet printing for introducing new pieces of clothing and accessories to their valued customers. These custom booklets, often called catalogs, provide enough detail to customers to convince them to order clothing directly from the brand or to go out to a local retailer to invest in the new items. Booklets are a great way to display all a brands products in one central location for everyone to see.


  Size                    Quantity         Black and White           Colour

5.5x8.5                       1                 $0.85                               $4.99              

8.5x11                        1                  $1.00                               $5.60                   

 5.5x8.5                     10                 $5.28                               $28.80

8.5x11                      10                  $6.60                               $36.00

 5.5x8.5                     50                 $25.60                              $136.00

8.5x11                       50                 $ 32.00                             $170.00

5.5x8.5                    100                $ 49.60                              $272.00              

8.5x11                     100               $59.80                                $340.00

 5.5x8.5                    500               $239.00                              $1272.00

8.5x11                     500                $299.00                              $1590.00

 5.5x8.5                  1000              $464.00                               $2392.00

8.5X111                 1000                $580.00                              $2990.00

 5.5x8.5                 2000                 $799.00                              $3192.00

8.5x11                    2000                $999.00                               $3990.00


Document bindings

To complement our document printing services we offer a choice of document binding options including coil, comb, wire-o, tape, thesis binding, perfect binding and calendar binding with different kind of covers and have automated print finishing (ie. stapling, booklet-making, hole punching, and etc.). We are confident we can present your work to the highest standard.


Comb Binding (Spiral Binding):

A popular and economic method of binding which offers you the ability to create individual professional documents. Documents lie flat for easy reading and copying. Combs are available in a range of colours making this type of binding popular with students and businesses alike.

Prices start from  $2.75


Wire O Binding:

Documents can open 360 degrees and have a modern contemporary look. Popular with students and businesses.  Prices start from  $6.99


Other products




Carbonless Forms



Rounded Corners



Scoring and Slitting

Self-Serve Copiers





Offset printing


Location: 107-1668 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1X6
Phone (604) 736-2200